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Sub-zero 632 Refrigerator Repair in Orlando, Florida

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Our licensed technicians did a Sub-zero 632 refrigerator Orlando in Tampa, Florida. The customer complained that the refrigerator stopped cooling and the temperature inside was 58° F. Upon diagnostics Fuse specialists noticed that the fans were all working, the compressor was working, the high pressure tube was just warm, but not hot. That meant that the problem was either with the compressor, or it had to do with a freon leak. Then our handymen checked the compressor, and it was working just fine, so in the end it was freon leak.

Further investigation showed that the leak was near the capillary tube at the inlet to the evaporator. The leakage of freon was eliminated. Further, Fuse techs recharged freon. Just like this the refrigerator was repaired and started to cool again. Just in 20 minutes the temperature dropped to 44° F.